The Charm of Nature Study

        The strange part is that although we are surrounded by Nature in some form at all times-though more so in the country than in the town-we see and know nothing unless we ourselves make the effort. This inertia on the part of so many people is the reason of so much ignorance of the Natural World. Nature herself is retiring and unobtrusive, but not secretive. There is nothing she hides from those who really want to learn and want to see. She is the greatest of all teachers, for once our senses are on the alert, she draws us on, revealing treasure after treasure, and broadening and deepening our experience. If we who are old enough to understand and appreciate this fact, know the joy and interest it brings, how much more ought we not to pass it on to the children from the very beginning, that they may miss nothing of the wonder of it all?”

Dowton, G., House of Education, “The Charm of Nature Study,” Parents’ Review, Volume 41, 1930.


At Reedy Creek Community School, we hope to urge our students toward environmental awareness through collaborative garden projects and nature walks, regular relationships with certain natural habitats, and nature notebooks, using watercolor painting and handwritten entries.


Another facet of a Charlotte Mason education is drybrush painting. Our students will become intimately acquainted with the principles of drawing and painting found in John Ruskin’s Laws of Fesole. Remembering that learning at Reedy Creek Community School is a long distance journey rather than a short sprint, we will reach ever higher for the skills needed to draw and paint in our nature notebooks what we have formed attachments to in the natural world.

        Our excursions to Reedy Creek Nature Preserve and UNCC Botanical Garden will bring life and fruit to the journey.

        Here are a few other places we want to be intentional about forming relationship with during our students’ time with us:

Reedy Creek Community Garden

Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve

Dr. James F Matthews Center for Biodiversity Studies

University of North Carolina Botanical Gardens

NC Herbarium’s Mission:

        To inspire understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants in gardens and natural areas and to advance a sustainable relationship between people and nature.

The Schiele Museum of Natural History

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