Classes are about to begin! Here’s what you need to know…

We are so excited about this fall! Our teachers are ready; we found church spaces that are going to be absolutely perfect; all that is left is meeting our beautiful students!

Our first day will be September 7, 2018 at Living Faith Baptist Church. We will start promptly at 9:30, with gathering time for hymns, poetry, and announcements. Then we will break into two groups and soak in the riches of a Charlotte Mason-styled feast!

Lunch will be at 12 noon. Please pack something relatively less messy than you might choose to eat at home, as All Saints has just been built and is new and beautiful and clean! Whenever possible, we will eat outdoors. 🙂

Pickup is at 2:30 pm unless your child is staying for a la carte classes.

If you could please comment below with your email address or message me privately, it would really help us to have a list of parents we can contact in one email for  announcements about teacher training and orientation. We hope to have a parent meeting prior to day 1, but that will depend on the availability of the church space.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Megan Hoyt

One thought on “Classes are about to begin! Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in learning more about the Friday feasts and the community school! What I see here looks so amazing! Will there be another opportunity to sign my 6 year old up? I would love to have him participate in something like this.

    Kirsten Torres

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