Fellow Sojourners


We endeavor to continually immerse ourselves in Charlotte Mason’s ideas and principles and are walking through life in community with likeminded sojourners we call our sister schools. While our ventures are not connected directly, they are similar in atmosphere, pace, size, and ideas to Red Mountain Community School in Birmingham, Alabama, and Harvest Community School in Summerton, South Carolina.

We have also been graciously allowed and encouraged to use the free curricula provided by the experts at Amblesideonline, which offers a rich and varied feast of living ideas to children and a vast array of support options and articles as well as Charlotte Mason’s six volume series, entirely free and available online to all. We look forward to laying out a broad feast for your child with these wonderful resources.

Charlotte Mason said education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. As we provide our children with an atmosphere rife with anticipation and delight, mirror for them the importance of self-discipline and hard, steady effort, lay down rails of habit along which their “learning train” will easily run, and offer them a living feast to savor each day: real world handiwork, time outdoors at farm and nature preserve, hero and fairy tales, classic literature, classical music, poetry, picture study (art appreciation), Shakespeare, and more, you will find that your student leaves each day with a full heart and a mind flush with ideas.

Welcome to a rich, unhurried education. Welcome home.